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  Mind - the Gap is an procedural participatory non-profit art project formed by the artist Herwig Kopp consisting of an exhibition in physical space as well as an experimental video and database in virtual space. Both combine various media to thematize "explanatory gaps". The concept of the artist involves displaying the input and response of other artists, scientists and laymen along with his own work. Herwig Kopp´s part of the participation may rather be seen as some kind of suggention or "seed", something to play with or neglect. As a remaining result all input will be intermingled in an experimental video based on contingency.





















The reference to the controversy in philosophy and the cognitive sciences about the so called "explanatory gap", that human experience cannot be fully explained by mechanical processes, is only one of many points of reference. Mind – the Gap revolves around what YOU imagine being unknown, unpercievable, unpredictable, unattended, unutilised concerning the mind and brain or their activities and products. This may be well a picture from everyday life or an abstract philosophical argument as long as it even faintly touches the area in between meanings. The multifaceted attempt to express something about what is NOT there may be considered paradoxical, but is conceived to outline playfully what is LEFT OUT and LEFT OVER without filling it – maybe even without findig an clear line or boundary.

The natural sciences talk in a positivistic way about what is out there (the world), or in there (the human itself) and how this "it" is percieved. Science describes methodologically constrained experiences as facts and therefore frames scientific reality. Mind – the Gap is dedicated to the gaps inside and outside the framework of scientific understanding and opens the mind to artistic "understanding" which might follow a different "ratio".

The apparatus of perception and reason is invited to create selfreferential expressions without just referring to selfreferentiality (or expressions of 2nd order, as Heinz von Foerster put it). Gaps which are not explained or put into formulas, unpleasant, pleasant neglected areas, realms which are not devised neither by rationality nor irrationality. Gaps as greyzones of indifference, playgrounds which evade formal description by the sheer amount of possible variables of interaction.

Not art as science, not science as art, but proposing and inviting to join and try out AESTHETIC EMPIRICISM in supplment to the perspective of usual neuroscientific methods of empirical aesthetics. An open, collaborative, artistic approach to the study of perceptions. ART AS INTERACTING.







  Mind – the Gap takes place as an ongoing process roughly confined by the exhibition duration of four months from end of October 2010 to the end of February 2011. Within this timeframe the exhibition will be steadliy altered by the input of the participants and the technical framework gets refined and developed to be able to present "a stream of consciousness" put together in real time from the submitted fragments – a stream of videos, pictures, words, sound which will be automatically arranged to always show an alternative "story".














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